The Great ‘West Side Story’ Debate

rather Matthew, I’ll get back to you, as a theater artist whose response to the material has changed over time. Among other things, she wrote a play about the play and its impact on the Puerto Rican family. Tell us about it – and have we been informed by your new insight into where the … Read more

Best Albums of 2021 – The New York Times

Jon Pareles | Jon Caramanica | Lindsay Zoladz Jon Pareles Songs of Trauma, Fear and Triumph The past year was awash in recorded music — not only the stuck-at-home recordings that musicians occupied themselves with when touring evaporated during the pandemic, but also many albums that had been made before the lockdowns but had been … Read more

Congo Ousts Mining Leader in a Cloud of Corruption Claims

The chairman of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s state mining company was ousted on Friday after long allegations of losing billions of dollars in revenue, a move officials said was aimed at fighting corruption as the country’s growing importance in the global clean energy revolution. Albert Yuma Mulimbi, the company’s chairman since 2010, was replaced … Read more

‘The Anomaly,’ Part Airplane Thriller and Part Exploration of Reality, Fate and Free Will

“Wait… you pull my leg! Think you’re in Close Encounters of the Third Kind?” asks the passenger, adding, “What kind of idiot wrote this questionnaire?” Readers will find hints from the “Matrix” movies and various TV shows: “The Remnant,” where life suddenly vanishes; “Returnees” where the dead suddenly appear; And of course “Lost” and “Manifest,” … Read more

Five Action Movies to Stream Now

For action fans looking for new movies via live stream, there are plenty of car chases, explosions, and fistfights to delve into. We help by providing some key streaming features. “Dhamaka” Stream it on Netflix. Quick test, hot shot: What do you get if you combine “speed” and network? This is a thriller movie set … Read more

‘The Power of the Dog’: About That Ending

This article contains spoilers for the Netflix “Power of the Dog” feature. Praise for Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog” has been loud and clear, from the film’s premiere in Venice to its release in theaters and on Netflix. But the end of Campion’s furious western drama was not at all loud or clear. … Read more

Talking About the Best Books of 2021

Subscription: Apple Podcast | spotify | Stitcher | how to listen Earlier this week, several editors at The New York Times (almost) gathered for a live podcast taping to discuss the book’s checklist for the 10 best books of the year. (If you haven’t seen the list yet and don’t want spoilers before listening, the … Read more

Susan Rosenblatt, Who Took On Big Tobacco, Dies at 70

If Mr. Rosenblatt attracted the most attention, Mrs. Rosenblatt was, as the Chicago Sun-Times described her in 2000, “the expert in the law who balances his expertise before a jury, with concern compared to his indifference, the detail of someone who balances the presentation of the big picture.” In addition to her husband and son … Read more