Four best fits for Kevin Gausman in free agency

Kevin Gusman hits free agency on All-Star season. Photo from McCuvey Records.

Kevin Gausman’s free agency is expected to attract a lot of attention around Major League Baseball. He’s coming off the best season of his career and some scouts see it as a safer bet compared to 37-year-old Max Scherzer, who is just as cool as him.

It’s not hard to think of Kevin Gausman’s free agent spells. Multiple teams are in dire need of a first-class marksman like him. The Yankees, the Mets, the Rangers, the Cubs, they are just some of the teams that come to mind. Then again, none of them appear to be realistic options either due to financial or competitive issues.

Kevin Gusman’s Free Agency 2021-22

At 31 years old, the San Francisco Giants have scored their career best in ERA (2.81), WHIP (1.04), hits (227), and innings (192). Now, he is expected to be the highest-paid bowler in the off-season, with an expected contract of around $138 million.

The Giants will try to re-sign Gusman at any cost, as Johnny Coito, Anthony Desclavani and Alex Wood will also become free agents. However, it may not be his preferred destination when all the teams have finished making the pitch. Here, we’ll discuss the four destinations that make the most sense for him.

4. Sailors

The Seattle Mariners were one of the most surprising teams of the season, even winning more games than the world champion Atlanta Braves. They will look to build on this impressive performance and be one of the teams with the most money to spare in the off-season.

Marco Gonzalez was far from the level they expected, and Yossi Kikuchi struggled in the second half of the season. Gausman would instantly slide to number one in their rotation while still managing to bring in nearly $140 million in his contract. They have a bright future and just need a few pieces to end the qualifying drought.

3. Angels

New year, same old angels in Los Angeles. Joe Madon’s side entered the season with high hopes and expectations but Anthony Rendon struggled to stay healthy and Mike Trout was closed for most of the season. Not even Shohei Ohtani’s season of MVP caliber was enough to keep them afloat.

Angels are expected to be in the mix for many pitchers of free agents this off season. They are said to be plotting to go after Robbie Ray, Max Scherzer and Kevin Gossman. Their spin is finally taking shape but they need an ace and more help with the bulls game.

2. Red Sox

The Boston Red Sox had a lot of ups and downs over the course of the season and a lot of that was due to their shaky starting spin, which was worse than their bases. outside Nick Pevita, Nathan Evaldi and Chris Seal; They mostly struggled.

The Red Sox have enough offensive power to compete in the Eastern League, but they need to add more reliable weapons to this rotation. Gausman will be their second player behind Chris Sale and immediately boost their chances on one of baseball’s toughest teams. Among Gausman’s free agent spells, this might make the most sense.

1. Giants

It looks like the SF Giants offseason plan consists of improving an already intimidating starting spin, which means they may not want to let Kevin Gausman get away. They are also expected to stalk Max Scherzer, Marcus Strowman and even Justin Verlander.

The Giants are coming off a record 107-game winning streak and Gausman was one of the biggest reasons why this happened.

It would be wise to try restarting it and focus on re-signing Kris Bryant and replacing Buster Posey rather than trying to fix what isn’t broken. They need to keep their commodity right.

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