Five Action Movies to Stream Now

For action fans looking for new movies via live stream, there are plenty of car chases, explosions, and fistfights to delve into. We help by providing some key streaming features. “Dhamaka” Stream it on Netflix. Quick test, hot shot: What do you get if you combine “speed” and network? This is a thriller movie set … Read more

Twitter says it mistakenly suspended a dozen accounts after "coordinated and malicious reports" targeted researchers and journalists, launches a policy review (Drew Harwell/Washington Post)

Drew Harwell / Washington Post: Twitter says it mistakenly suspended dozens of accounts after “coordinated and malicious reporting” targeted researchers and journalists, and launched a policy review.Far-right activists urged their followers to use the company’s new rule to target anti-extremist researchers and journalists

‘The Power of the Dog’: About That Ending

This article contains spoilers for the Netflix “Power of the Dog” feature. Praise for Jane Campion’s “The Power of the Dog” has been loud and clear, from the film’s premiere in Venice to its release in theaters and on Netflix. But the end of Campion’s furious western drama was not at all loud or clear. … Read more

Talking About the Best Books of 2021

Subscription: Apple Podcast | spotify | Stitcher | how to listen Earlier this week, several editors at The New York Times (almost) gathered for a live podcast taping to discuss the book’s checklist for the 10 best books of the year. (If you haven’t seen the list yet and don’t want spoilers before listening, the … Read more

Susan Rosenblatt, Who Took On Big Tobacco, Dies at 70

If Mr. Rosenblatt attracted the most attention, Mrs. Rosenblatt was, as the Chicago Sun-Times described her in 2000, “the expert in the law who balances his expertise before a jury, with concern compared to his indifference, the detail of someone who balances the presentation of the big picture.” In addition to her husband and son … Read more

Stocks may be in for more punishment

CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Friday that market events in the coming week could provide signs of a rally in late December after a very volatile week that saw many smaller technology stocks drop during investor fears about the omicron COVID variant. “I think we may be facing more punishment because the ratings are out of … Read more

Meta must improve its existing content-oblivious harm-reduction mechanisms, limit recommendation engines and discoverability, and more, before implementing e2ee (David Thiel/Wired)

David Thiel / wired: Meta must improve existing damage mitigation mechanisms that ignore content, limit recommendation and discoverability engines, and more, before implementing e2eeThe company’s decision to delay the offering makes sense – because its initial plan never did.