Top Places to Visit in Belgrade, Serbia

Over the past few years, Serbia’s capital, Belgrade, has become increasingly popular with visitors who want to Get a real taste of the Balkans.

Unfortunately, there are not many guidebooks covering this amazing city which makes it a bit difficult to plan a trip in advance and know the places to visit in Belgrade.

Over the past five years, I’ve spent a few months in Belgrade, and if I had to come up with my top five things to check for a first time visitor, it would look like this:

View of Belgrade from the Danube –

Places to visit in Belgrade

Here are the best kinds of places to visit in Belgrade!

for coffee

Belgrade loves to go for coffee. You will find cafes on every corner and they are always full of people. “Going for coffee” can mean sitting for a few hours, chatting with friends, watching passers-by and being watched.

Check out the different places on the central pedestrian Knez Mihailova Street, beautiful art deco Moscow Hotel (Terazije 20), the distinguished nineteenth century”Russian Tsar“(Obilicev venac 29), or variant”Center“(Ul. Simina 6).

Places to visit in Belgrade, Serbia
Old Town Central Street in Belgrade –

fast food place

Serbs love meat and they love fast food places. Once you’ve tasted a typical Balkan burger, you’ll never want to go back to the likes of McDonald’s.

try “Gourmet Burger“(A beef steak with cubes of bacon and cheese working in it); there’s nothing better than that after a night out. Recommended places include”loki“(The corner of Kralja Petra Street and Gospodar Jovanova Street),”sister(ul. Goce Delceva 27), andSteppin’ Faggots(2I Voivodeship Street).


Belgrade is famous for its nightlife and what better way to start your night than with a cold beer or a nice cocktail. streets like abundant wreath or Strahinica Bana It offers a lot of pubs and bars. The latter is calledSilicon Valley“For a large number of silicone-reinforced goods on display at night.

If you are looking for something a little hidden, try finding “Global Travelers Club(also known as “Federal Globe Riders Association”; Paul Despota Stefana 7). For a traditional atmosphere with gypsy music, you have to go to”Cafe“, for example”leopards are pale(Ada Seganliga).


When you have a few drinks and the night is still young, you should go out to the clubs. Definitely check out the rafts (“rafts“) on the rivers Sava and Danube. It’s a bit prevalent and a little more expensive but typical of Belgrade (includes a famous one”Free StylerFair warning: don’t chat to random girls in these places, this could end badly.)

If you are looking for a more alternative audience, look for clubs in the center, for example “french maid“(12 Francosca Street),”Cyprus“(ul. Golsvordijeva 13) or”korba cafe(ul. Bra? e Krsmanovi? a 3; good live music).

Note that many of these clubs may be temporarily closed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

another thing

Now that I’ve talked at length about the food and drink options, I realize that perhaps I should also recommend something that fits the word “sight” better.

So, when you are in Belgrade, these are the things to see:

  • Kalemegdan fortress
  • saint sava temple
  • St Mark’s Church
  • Nikola Tesla Museum
  • House of Flowers / Tito Memorial
  • Ada Seganlia
  • Kneginja Lubica قصر Palace

… Brother, this is more than enough for a few days in Belgrade!

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